What We Do

‘Integrated’ means we span the entire value chain, from identifying opportunities and devising development strategies, through to the construction, lease, and long-term tenant partnership for the completed project. This integrated approach means our expertise is there for you at every step.

We have a point of difference - we are integrated. We are there at every step of the process, we don’t cut corners, and we don’t leave at the end.

The Process

& Planning

Investment Fund Planning
Risk profile, property types,
transaction parameters,
geography, size of fund and
equity & debt levels.

Information Memorandum
Preparation and communication of IM, financial licences, approvals etc.

Investment / Launch of Fund
Acquiring the investment,
launching fund, communication, communication with authorities.

Asset Identification
Which assets or properties are
going in, already existing,
opportunity identification process.

or Refurbishment

Asset Acquisition
Greenfields or existing
property acquisition.

Concept Development
Early site concepts drafted in response to known client needs, or in response to market opportunities.

Client Liaison & Heads of Terms
Concepts are tailored to client’s requirements – once agreed, a ‘Heads of Terms’ document is signed to commence the final design stage.

Final Site Design
During final site design, Realside Ovest works closely with clients to ensure designs meet current needs while anticipating future growth.

Agreement of Formal Leasing (AFL)
Final site design culminates in the signing of an AFL. This agreement locks in details such as leasing cost, timeframes, finished areas, and build specifications.

Engineering & Approval
Full engineering design to be completed concurrently with Development Approval, DFES compliance, and Building Permit.

Construction & Fitout
Site development through our in-house construction expertise – so no delay in sourcing a builder.

Completion & Handover
Site development is complete, and all inspections have been carried out to the client’s satisfaction.

Property &
Asset Management

Lease Commencement
Property condition report is completed, and client moves into the premises.

Equipment such as cranes and industrial machinery is typically installed and commissioned during construction. Equipment costs can either be fixed into the lease payments or provided through an amortised rental arrangement.

Realside Ovest will provide property management and maintenance services. We adhere to regular agreed schedules, and in-house services ensure response times are shorter and less disruption to the client’s operations.

Single Point of Contact
Having a single contact for all management and maintenance issues speeds up and simplifies the process for all clients and helps keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

New Site
We know that our clients sometimes outgrow their premises – Realside Ovest fully supports clients to find their next site – whether this is through our existing portfolio, or a new development.

Seamless Transition
Because we’re a partner, not just a landlord – there are no sub-leasing headaches – we’ll simply transfer the lease to the new property. Site transition is seamless, so operational disruption is minimised.

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