17-21 Fargo Way, Welshpool WA

Updating an iconic industrial site for the future

Located in the premium Welshpool industrial area, our site proudly hosts Neill Mansell Transport, a pioneer in oil field transportation spanning Queensland and beyond. With a rich history of delivering top-tier expertise and services, they cater to some of the country’s largest exploration, drilling, and well servicing contracting companies.

Strategically positioned, the property boasts numerous location advantages, being in close proximity to major transport arteries like the Tonkin Highway and Roe Highway. This grants effortless access to Perth Airport, Fremantle Port, and the Perth CBD. Beyond its current role as an income-producing property, the site holds promising redevelopment potential for the future.

Welshpool’s industrial hub has long been synonymous with excellence, offering a robust infrastructure, modern facilities, and a skilled workforce. Recognised for its prime location and connectivity, the site provides an ideal environment for businesses to not only operate but to grow and thrive.

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