2 Venture Place, East Rockingham WA

Efficiency through design.

At Realside Ovest, we’re proud to have designed and delivered a purpose-built facility for Bestbar, one of the leading suppliers of reinforcing steel products in the industry.

Our team worked closely with Bestbar to identify their unique requirements, and then designed a facility that met their specific needs, from advanced production capabilities to improved logistics flow. With our help, Bestbar is now able to meet growing customer demand while streamlining their operations and reducing costs.

We’re thrilled to have helped Bestbar achieve its business goals in East Rockingham and look forward to additional opportunities to grow our relationship across the country.

Site size




Project Status

Completed asset

Project Details

Crane Capacity

5 tonne

Solar Array


Vehicle Access


Sustainability feature

LED lighting, high
R-Value glazing to office, passive air flow design to workshop.